Dear Homeowner,

It's a fact that selling your home can be a nightmare! But, after reading our SeriousHomeOffer.com FAQ, you'll have a very good idea what's involved and will likely find a buyer within our Member Network. We are a group of investors that live locally in Fort Worth, Tx. 

Our Members are well qualified to buy your property, and are very interested in doing so, or they wouldn't be part of our Network.

As you read this Report, you'll get a good idea of what our Members are looking for and some answers to questions we're commonly asked.

First of all, our Members are regular folks, just like you, who are in the business of buying and selling houses.

Some Members are licensed agents and some are not. Some are looking to rent houses, and some are looking to refurbish and sell. All are in the business of helping people who need to sell and want to do it without hassle. Some will pay cash, some will bring a lender to the table, and some will be looking to make payments to you, if it's possible. All of our Network Members are creative and will customize a solution based on your specific needs and wants. We're creative and professional, and always able to offer a win-win solution.

All of our Members are in the business of Real Estate. It's how we make our living and it's what we do best!

People who've never tried to sell their homes themselves often don't understand what's involved: The details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring, etc. Then, there are the strangers walking through your house that feel compelled to pick apart the most trivial features or problems with your property. They can be two-faced too. They'll smile, and nod and act serious, but never call back. Many of them are not qualified by a lender and may never be able to afford to buy your property -- so they waste your time. Then, when and if you find a buyer, there's the paperwork!

It can be a much bigger hassle than you ever thought possible... In fact, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare, especially if you need to sell now. Dealing with the wrong buyer can take forever and then never pan out at all. The wrong buyer is often an owner occupant who doesn't know the process either. So if you're not going to list with a Realtor, your best bet is to deal with a professional, who knows the ropes.


You can get on with your life!

People sell homes for various reasons. Maybe it's a new job that requires a move, and they don't want to rent the house because it's a hassle. After all, no one wants to carry double house payments. Maybe it's a company downsizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy or foreclosure... or they could've won the lottery. Perhaps they want to build... they're tired of the same old neighborhood... they need something bigger, something smaller. It could be death or divorce... or marriage or birth. It could also be foreclosure. Or, maybe it's a rental house that they don't want or can't stand any more. You name it!

Whatever it is, that house has become something to sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life.

We don't know your particular reasons for selling until you fill out the form @ www.SeriousHomeOffer.com, we know how to get your house closed at a fair price, on the date of your choice, and as professionally as possible. If you haven't filled out the form at www.SeriousHomeOffer.com, it only takes a minute and it's the only way to start the process of selling your property, simply, and without hassle.

Here's the "game plan" to sell your house quickly...

First, fill out the simple form at www.SeriousHomeOffer.com.

Next, a Network Member will contact you if a form is filled out and if there is interest.

Let's stop here for just a second. "If there is interest"... What does that mean? When you fill out the form you'll be asked some simple questions. The info you provide is necessary for a local Network Member to first receive your contact info and info about the property. We don't know who you are and have no way to help you until you fill out the form. Then, the info about your property is carefully evaluated by a local Network Member, so please be as thorough, detailed and complete as you can be, when filling out the form. This evaluation is where the Network Member decides "if there is interest".

Most all of our Network Members are trained and experienced Real Estate Professionals. They possess the creative problem solving ability to create a win-win scenario in most cases. Not all. The reason is because some sellers are (sadly) unrealistic about their property, what it's worth and what they want for it. When that's the case, it's likely indicated in the info that comes from the form. So, in other words, if the seller has a house worth $100,000 that needs $20,000 in repairs, and is asking $100,000, it is very unlikely that a Network Member will be interested. Our Network Members need to be able to create a win-win scenario meaning it works for you... and it works for him/her. The above scenario certainly would not work for him/her, and therefore it's likely there would be no interest on the part of our network Members.

So by all means, please be complete AND realistic, when filling out the form.


Visit our homepage to fill out the form and sell your house now!

So you've filled out the form, a Network Member evaluates the info and contacts you. You and the Network Member will verify the amount you owe on your mortgage (or deed of trust), discuss all the available win-win scenarios that are customized to your specific property and expectations, agree on the purchase price and structure the deal. If the circumstances are right, the Member may pay all cash at the closing. If not, you and the Member may work out monthly payments for a period, or in some cases, it's best to do a lease option. We'll talk about those scenarios in just a minute. For now, keep in mind that it's all about win-win and it's always a customized approach.

Before we do though, let's talk about the mortgage balance. The Network Member will definitely need to know that information. It may seem personal, but keep in mind 2 things. Whatever you discuss with the Member is always private and kept strictly confidential. Why will he/she need the mortgage balance? Because in order for the Member to crunch the numbers, explore all the options available, and to create the perfect, customized, win-win transaction, it's needed. It's just part of the process. If you elect not to provide mortgage balance info, it is certainly your prerogative, but it is also very unlikely that a Network Member will have any interest in your property.

Remember, anything you share with the Network Member is considered private and kept strictly confidential.

However it comes together, you get immediate relief from your monthly obligation to the mortgage company and it's always a Win-Win.

Now, about those scenarios... There are a number of different win-win scenarios that can come into play. All cash, payments to the seller, and Lease Option are a few among them. Your property, the mortgage balance and whether it's above or below the value, repairs required, location, layout and size, price range, and your specific needs will all come into play when the Network Member does what he/she does best, that being, creating a customized win-win scenario.

Without knowing that info here, there's no real way to explain how or what the local Network Member will come up with for you. That happens when you fill out the form and submit it to our system, so we can get the info in the hands of your local Network Member.

The simple process of relieving you of the stress and anxiety your property is causing begins when you fill out that form.

Now, we know this is a lot of information to digest at one time, but if you're still with us at this point, chances are you're interested in doing whatever it takes to get your house sold quickly! It all begins with filling out the form here: www.SeriousHomeOffer