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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may be on your mind:

How quickly can you buy my house?

The short answer is, much more quickly than through traditional means, like running For Sale By Owner ads and hoping to find the right buyer on your own. In most cases, assuming you're "realistic", you'll receive an offer in a matter of hours and sell in a matter of days -- or more importantly -- sell on the date of your choice.

Can you help me stop foreclosure?

Possibly. Our network of buyers are good at what they do and if there is a way for your local network member to buy your house before the foreclosure sale, you can avoid foreclosure. Typically the most effective way to stop foreclosure and/or a short sale is to sell your house quickly. Here at, our network members close quickly and in some cases, extremely quickly, to help the seller (you) avoid foreclosure.

How does differ from typical For Sale By Owner?

Typically when a homeowner decides to avoid the cost of listing with a Real Estate Agent, they will do what's called "For Sale By Owner" or "Sell By Owner". This involves advertising the property in the local newspaper and/or on line, taking calls from potential buyers, many of whom are not qualified to buy, then letting them tour your house, and invade your privacy. It can be a troubling process. When you sell to an network member, you avoid all of that. With you'll get a quick home sale, without hassle or fees.

What if my house is under water?

If you owe more on your house than it's worth, typically referred to as "Under Water", you local network member may be able to buy your house on a Short Sale. Many banks will take less than what is owed, if there is a credible buyer ready to close. This is where we come in. We buy houses from people who are under water all the time.

How do I sell my house online?

There are lots of ways to "sell by owner" online. eBay is one resource and there are several others. The easiest of them all is to submit your information on the form right here and let your local network member make you a hassle free offer. Remember, with, there is never a fee.

What about the paperwork? Will everything be in writing?

Yes, everything is in writing and it's simple. There will be an agreement between you and the Network Member who buys your property that goes to the Title Company or Attorney who closes the transaction. That closing agent is your advocate and will see to it that everything is done, "by the book".

When will I get my money?

All funds are distributed by the closing professional at the time of closing. In the case where the seller agrees to take payments from the buyer, those payments are made as agreed. Everything is in writing.
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